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From your clothes to food to the gadgets you use, somehow everything in life comes with an expiry date. So, how are locks any different? Weather and time tend to take its toll over them and wear them down, eventually rendering them useless. But are they, really? Before you discard them and add them to a pile of junk, it is always necessary to get second opinion from a locksmith. Locksmiths are quite adept at resolving lock-related issues and if your lock is still in serviceable condition, then you can get them fixed with lock repair service and extend their life expectancy.

Lock repair or replacement?

In the imminent cases of your lock being vandalized, bent out of shape or if the parts come loose, there can be nothing much done to save it. Also, if you feel that your current lock isn’t doing a good job of protecting your property, a replacement might be in order.

However, if the lock still appears to be sturdy and there are minor hiccups such as frequent jamming, or you’re having difficulty operating the lock, these are issues that any locksmith can fix in a trice. If you call Overland Park KS Locksmith Store for a quick once-over, our lock repair specialists will dismantle the lock, trace the source of the problem and do everything it takes to restore it to its normal operation.

What types of locks can we fix?

Has a voltage surge wrecked the smart lock installed on your front door? Worried that you might have to invest in a replacement? Not with Overland Park KS Locksmith Store by your side! From new age locks to old-school padlocks, there isn’t a lock our technicians haven’t studied and worked on. Some of the locks we can fix under our lock repair service include:

  • Overland Park KS Locksmith Store Overland Park, KS 913-321-1536Rim Cylinder locks
  • Window locks
  • Garage door locks
  • File cabinet locks
  • Nightlatch
  • Multipoint locks (UPVC)
  • Mortise Sash locks
  • Euro Cylinder locks
  • Emergency exit locks
  • Digital door locks

And more

24/7 lock repair services

Did you accidentally break your key inside the lock and render the lock inoperable? What happens if it happens in the middle of the night? We know that leaving your lock in the dilapidated condition it’s in and waiting for a locksmith to open shop, the next morning isn’t an option. We work 24/7 in Overland Park, KS so that anytime you need lockrepair, replacement, key cutting services or any other locksmith assistance, you can always reach out to us!